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    Thursday, January 26, 2017   /   by Jeff Ross

    Sales at Highest Pace in 10 Years!


    45 million existing homes were sold in 2016! This is the highest mark set since 2006.
    Inventory of existing homes for sale dropped to a 3.6-month supply, the lowest level since NAR began tracking in 1999.
    The median price of homes sold in December was $232,200. This is the 58th consecutive month of year-over-year price gains. ...

    Saturday, December 31, 2016   /   by Jeff Ross

    Flagstaff Single Family Home Prices Rise 6%

    Home Sales in the Flagstaff General area stayed very strong for November, with 18.9% more homes selling than the prior year.
    Year to Date, we have sold 6.9% more homes, or 1571 homes compared to last year of 1470 homes.
    Again, unless specified, we are talking all homes, single family, manufactured, townhome and condos.
    Pricing has also stayed strong for November, with the Average Price up 10.40% and the Median Price up 13.64%.
    Year to date, our Average Price is up 5.84% to $340,885, and our Median Price up 8.16% to $282,000.

    Single Family homes for November showed a strong price increase
    Though the numbers sold were stable from the year before,
    The Average Price was up 16% to $454,103, which was affected by additonal higher priced homes being sold above the $500,000 price point.
    The Median Price was more in line with a 4.82% increase or to $364,000.
    Year to Date, though the end of November for Single Family Homes
    We have sold 1.5% more family ho ...

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016   /   by Jeff Ross

    Backpacking the Dark Canyon Wilderness in Utah

    Our Destination, the Peavine Trail Head
    It was a great day in Flagstaff as we left early Wednesday morning for the Manti-La-Sal National Forest in Southeast Utah and to our final destination, the Dark Canyon Wilderness.
    As Deb, Jack and I read about our destination for this weeklong 42-mile backpack trip, we read we are headed into one of the hidden gems and seldom use wilderness areas of Utah and the Southwest.
    We arrived at the Woodenshoe Canyon Trail Head close to noon after negotiating 13 mile of pretty good gravel road.
    Today’s plan is to find Cherry Canyon, the first reliable water source, we are each carrying around a gallon of water just in case.
    Right off, we saw 4 turkeys and two deer, both were a little too fast to get any pictures, but a pleasant treat after our long drive. We also say our only two people today for the rest of our trip.

    After this, we had a pretty eventful day, and arrived at Cherry Creek, a very pretty ...

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016   /   by Jeff Ross

    Superstition Wilderness to Reavis Ranch Valley

    March, 2016
    This will be our second Trip into the Superstition Wilderness. A couple years ago we hiked over by the Lost Dutchman area and found no gold so we are trying again.
    This year we are headed into Reavis Ranch Valley, on the far eastern side of the Superstition Wilderness and will try our luck there:)
    Our adventures for this hiker are, Daring Deb, Jumping Jack Flash and myself, Chef Jazzy Jeff. We left Flagstaff Sunday at noon, reaching our destination short after 5, only a couple other cars at the trail-head. We will camp here with a spectacular view of Apache Lake far below us.
    Will be a night under stars for me, Jack set up his tent, Deb is sleeping in the car.
    We are up Monday before the sunrise, and after hearty breakfast from the Flagstaff  Dog Haus, a ‘breakfast burrito’ always rated the number one in town, we are ready to hit the trail at 7:30.
    We expect today's hike to be about 7-8 miles, what we did not ex ...

    Friday, August 28, 2015   /   by Jeff Ross

    Wind River Range Hiking Adventure

    by Jeff Ross
    Wind River Hike, August 2015

    On a clear Saturday morning Jack my hiking partner and I leave Flagstaff, driving 725 miles north to the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Some 12 ½ hours later we are pulling into Farson, Wyoming, just 50 miles from the trailhead. Our stop for the evening is the Sitzman’s Motel a great little 5 room 1970’s era well-kept hotel.  What is in Farson, the ‘world famous’ Farson Mercantile Sandwich Shop with the largest ice cream cones ever.
    The next morning we hit the road for the last 50 miles, all gravel through sprawling rangeland. Three hours later we are at the trailhead, with packs ready go to we hit the trails for our short 5 miles hike to Big Sandy Lake.

    Right off the bat, we, really I, inadvertently take a right on a wrong trail. We were on the Continental Divide Trail heading south and the compass was telling us we had headed a mile in the WRONG direction:), my bad&hellip ...